10 Android Apps!

People who have androids must read this so that you are aware of the apps that you def need on your device so that your phone will be up to date! According to MaskingKing.net, there are 10 must have android apps. I’ve found that I don’t have some of these apps, myself. So I’ve decide to do my own 10 android apps promo for you. So let me list my 10 apps (some apps are from mashingking.net list):

Android Apps

1. Pandora

Lets you create your own radio station based off of your favorite artist and/or genre of music. It’s just like the desktop version except you can listen it on the go.

2.Barcode Scanner

Turn your android camera into a barcode scannor. By scanning a barcode, the android then goes to work by searching the web on the product you wish to find information on.

3. Facebook

Everyone has one of these now days. Though so many people complain how Facebook is “dead,” my dear friends, I beg to differ. Facebook is huge for Business. HUGE! They use this site for free advertising and if you haven’t already noticed, the reasons why you don’t know how you knew about a particular product without watching tv, Facebook could be the answer to why you do.

4. Twitter

Just like Facebook, Twitter provides information unknowingly. It keeps you up to date with current events faster than the television news if you learn to follow the right people. Also, it’s great entertainment if you’re bored looking for something to do. Just hop onto the hashtag movement and start trending.

5. Datpiff Mobile

As a music lover, I had to throw this one in here. I couldn’t leave Pandora as the only music app with all the glory. Datpiff app is a mobile version of the popular mixtape website. With this app, you can listen to mixtapes, look at current news and new videos, and you can download mixtapes straight to your phones. Amazing? To me, it’s all I need.

6. Go Weather Widget

Everyone needs to know what the tempurature is going to be before you head out to do your daily duties. This app is a widget that you can download to you phone’s home screen so that you won’t have to go through the web to find out the weather of the day. Saves a lot of loading time.

7. Mapquest

Never get lost again with Mapquest mobile app. It gives you directions from A to B no matter where you are. Quit printing out directions from the computer and start saving paper by typing in your destination from your phone.

8. Myfitnesspal

Lately, I’ve been on a journey to losing some unnecessary pounds. What I needed to help me with my goals of losing weight was an effective calender to help me log all my calories I eat throughout the day. I ran into Myfitnesspal and it was great. This app logs all your food intake, all your exercising activites, and keeps track of your progress throughout your journey. I love it!

9. Indeed Job Search

Looking for a new place of employment? Well, indeed has always helped me. Not only can you go onto their website searching for jobs, you can now download the app to search for jobs too. You won’t have to complain about not being at a computer searching for a job when your phone has the capability to have all the job listings for you. Can you say Awesome?!

10. Restaurant Finder

Maybe this is just my fat side coming out. But I love to go out to eat particularly at places I’ve never been before. What better is there, when traveling, to have an app that tells you the address and number of any restaurant near you? With a quick search, I can find out what new restaurants I can experience without driving and searching for them


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