App of the Week: Bump

The April 20, 2012 App of the week is Bump! What? Well, Bump is this weeks app of the week not only because it has a funny name but also because it is a great app! Lets talk about the app, shall we…


What does this app do?

Bump is an application, contact, photo, email, phone number, and name sharing app! Haha, now that’s a lot. You use it when you want to grab some info off another person’s phone or when you want to give away some information of your own to a friend. It’s like an electronic business card. But let me tell the reasons for its name. Bump is called Bump because to share all this information, that so desperately needs sharing, you have to “bump” your phones together to get what you need. You don’t slam them together and it’s not a gentle tap either in order to share your electronic posessions. You simply Bump, which I would explain it as pounding your fist with your friend while holding your phone.

Where can I find this App?

You can find this app on both the Iphone’s App Store and Android’s Google Play. No descrimination here! When you get the app, you can also share with the opposite phones.

Is it Free?

Yes, it is no charge at all to download the app and there isn’t any cost to share with your friends either. Just Bump and go!

Would I Use this app?

Of Course! I’ve downloaded it before. Only reason for me deleting it was because I needed space on my phone to get more apps. I would highly recommend this app to people who are actively involved in the business community. It’s a helping hand to those who don’t like having a lot of business cards.


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