Fun Youtube Tricks (Interactive Videos)

What going on with Youtube? Remember those interactive books, written in 2nd person, where you would choose what would happen next instead of reading the book just to wait to see what the next page unfolds? Well, now there are videos like this! Videos have evolved into something more then eye candy and simple entertainment. But in cases like watching a Youtube video, it’s way more than just watching your favorite blogger relay opinions through your computer screen. Stated on, “Interactive YouTube videos are being used to create games and quizzes and their use is only limited to the imagination of their creators.” Wow, such a fun feature! I’ve found a video which explains the wonders of this new type of technology that hasn’t truly been introduced to the internet surfing community quite yet. Imagine the possibilities of where this can take us as a society. Will there be movies in the future like this? Will we be able to watch TV in a new interactive way, where we can finally tell the star of our favorite television show to do what we want them to do? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Here’s an example of interactive media for viewers to play with. Have fun!


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