App of the Week: Shark Dash

If you’re a fan of Angry Birds or just a video game freak, this week’s app will definitely grab your attention. Winner of today’s app of the week is Shark Dash. This Tuesday, decided to give away Shark Dash to winners of their daily iPhone and iPad giveaway. Competitors had to post a shark video from youtube in EverythingICafe’s forum to enter to win. Winners were announced on Wednesday. Sorry guys, you’ve missed out on your chance. Better luck next time.

Shark Dash

What does this app does?

It’s a video game and the object of the game is to simply drag and release the rubber bath shark’s tail with your finger to launch him at the rubber ducks in the bath tub. You dispose of all of your duckies, capture all the coins, and finish each level with the least amount of jumps possible to earn 3 stars. Then use your Stars to unlock new levels. There are 96 levels to this game and more to come in the future!

Where can I find this app?

Shark Dash is available in the iTunes App Store. This means you can get it for your iPhone and your iPad. This app is not accessible for android. Sorry!

How much does this app cost?

This game only cost $0.99. You can spare that, right?

Would I use this App?

Sure! If this app was on android, I’d definitely use this app during the days when I can’t find anything to do. It’s a great app to play on your downtime. With its amount of levels, this game would probably last me a few weeks to beat.


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