Texting Saving Teenagers Lives

While scrolling down my facebook news feed, I see a post from one of the facebook pages I’ve liked called Geeks are Sexy. The post caught my eye because the title of the link to the post was “Texting Can Help Fix Teen Problems.” How can texting fix teens problems? I didn’t think I could think of a way it could. So I clicked on the link and found out how, of course. This is from TED and is definitely an Ideas Worth Spreading.
Texting Saving Lives
Nancy Lublin, CEO of the Do Something Organization, talks of another awesome idea she wants to launch utilizing text messaging! Stated on Geeks are Sexy, “She’s setting up a text-only crisis hotline to allow teenagers to have somewhere that they can message, using a medium that they’re completely used to in today’s world. She discusses the enormous possibilities that setting up such a text hotline could have in terms of the data gathered and what that could mean for understanding teen problems and taking steps towards reducing and possibly eliminating them.” GREAT IDEA! Sounds just like one of those hotlines that you call into for help except with advance possibilities, testing. The following is a video from TED.


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