Spreading the Word about Hip-Hop

So I’m going to do something a little different here for Wednesday’s blog and not talk about the latest technology news. I want to give an update on what’s interesting in the life of Doc. In one of my classes this spring semester, I spent a lot of my time studing a subject many people aren’t aware is being taught in some universities. My Media Genre’s class at the Unversity of Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland was dedicated to teaching college students on the subject of Hip-hop. It’s quite astonishing but yet very relieving to know that something that I completely understand and spend 87% of my life living is finally being taught in school! Yes!


This semester, I was given an awesome task to complete for a grade in class. My hip-hop genre professor gave everyone in the class the task to Spread the word of Hip-hop to the community the best way you possibly can. Students were split into groups of five and instructed to come up with a creative way to teach people about the hip-hop culture. I was in the group that decided to create a hip-hop documentary. To jump right into what this blog is actually for, it’s to promote the documentary we have created, spreading the word of hip-hop! This is what Baltimore believes is hip-hop…


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