Coming Soon: Doc’s Picture Hunt?

Over the weekend, I participated in a Instagram Scavenger hunt! There’s this blog that I’ve found that has their own Scavenger hunt going on strictly throughout the internet.  By this I mean, they don’t require people to meet up and form groups to participate in their challenge. I took on the opportunity to take some pictures and send off a few tags that I found upon the list that was posted. BOOM, I’m part of the game. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot and it made me want to do something like it with Doc’s Castle Media. Curly Girl Designs is the facilitator of this awesome project. Seems like their game has been going on just a short amount of time. It might have started within the last few weeks of April. Other people may be familiar with the #PhotoADay trend on Instagram, which was started by Fat Mum Slim. It’s the challenge where they take a month from the year and gives you the list of days with a subject to highlight for each day. That’s another scavenger hunt. But that’s far from the subject now. Back to my plan!

I want to incorporate a Scavenger Hunt game for a few of my readers this summer, something to keep you busy from week to week, right? Wrong! Something to keep ME busy. I feel that Instagram is a great project created to share memories. But what does posting a pic of what you’re eating have to do with a great memories if you’re going to eat the same meal another day? I don’t think any of us understands that.

Doc’s Castle Media wants to let the world know of Doc’s Picture Hunt, an instagram scavenger hunt that will last for the entire summer and maybe longer, depending on you all! If you guys want to play the scavenger hunt game, we’ll get it crackin’ the first week in June and continue until the first week of September. It all depends on you all! The hunt will consist of a list of words that will come out weekly. You’ll look for those few things, tag #DocPictureHunt  along with the word you’re representing to your photo, and then lookout for the next list to come out the following week. There will be no winner, just some of your work displayed to our viewers. You’re making the world your playground and showing everyone how you perceive life. It makes you feel important doesn’t it? That’s the point!

Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks Everyone!


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