Coming Soon: YTube Vid of the Week

I love looking at YouTube! I’d choose watching that before watching television at anytime. You can find just about anything on it. From videos about hair, make-up, technology, relationship advice, and so much more, YouTube provides a variety of videos to watch from all kinds of genres. What I spend most of my time looking at on YouTube is amateur comedy. It’s raw and real because they are talking about exactly what’s going on in their life. YouTube sometimes give a sense that you are not alone going through whatever you are going through. It also makes you the star! Everyone has had that fantasy where they wanted all the attention and that they can be a superstar. YouTube give people that chance.

Sometimes the videos people work so hard on don’t get the recognition that they deserve and they don’t become as big as Justin Beiber. YTube Vid of the Week is to highlight those videos I believe deserves recognition. You may see videos that you haven’t seen. You can also refer videos that you think are the best. But this is like Hollywood’s hottest. I want to show why these videos caught my attention and I want to show them to you.

Starting the first Tuesday in June, YTube Vid of the Week will begin. Send in some of your favorite videos on YouTube and why you like it and it will be considered for YTube Vid of the Week.


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