App of the Week: Jango

Internet Radio is one of the best creations ever made by man! No worries about your stations being static-like or cutting off after you leave the stations reach. We can now listen to the radio anywhere and everywhere. This shows us how far we’ve come as a human race. With internet radio, we can listen to music from all over the world without being near its provider. What makes internet radio even better is that we can experience all its wonders through our phones, too. We can download the apps on our phones an enjoy our music at anytime we want and I’m a music lover. So y’all should know how this is important for my life. Anyway, the specific app that I want to highlight for you folks is Jango.
Jango App

What does this App do?

If your familiar with Pandora Radio, you know exactly what Jango does. It’s a satellite radio app where you choose to pick what you want to listen to. I does pretty much the same thing. The only difference that I’ve found with the app is lack of album art. Jango, for the most part, uses pictures of the artist to display while your song plays. Some of the photos are outdated. But we’re really on Jango to listen to the music, right?

Where can I find this App?

Android’s Google Play, iTunes App Store

How much does this App cost?

It’s Free!

Would I use this app?

I already use this app. I started this week. I love it! The best thing about this app for me is that I get unlimited skips and when I choose a station to listen to, I don’t hear the same song everyday I sign into the app! Big thumbs up for me!


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