Candles Can Charge Phones Now?

It’s about time they found something natural that can charge phone batteries. Lord knows that this is something that we’ve all been waiting for. Especially when we have one of those moments when we’re not by an outlet. The pain that we all go through when we’re out with friends and our phone starts to die may come to an end as long as you have a candle near by.


According to an article on, the tPOD1 is a small device that people with iPhones can use to charge their phones! As said in the article, “The tPOD1 stands for “thermoelectric power on demand. It’s a Kickstarter project from Tellurex that aims to turn tea candles into a handy source of electricity for those times when you’re off the grid or the power goes out.”

More info from the article states,”The Kickstarter version of the tPOD1 is optimal for generating light, but a rechargeable companion battery is under development, with expected availability in the fall. That battery pack will make the tPOD1 practical for powering small electronic devices. Right now, it can’t directly charge a phone.” Though you cannot get the tPOD1 anywhere, you can still buy tPOD5, which does the same type of device except it’s stronger. All that the tPOD5 needs is camp fire or a stove. Either way it’s charging your phone without an outlet.

For the original article, click here.


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