My iPhone Speaks Cricket

Guess who’s the next one to have iPhone come their way? Can you say Cricket? Yes! They’re next to get the popular Apple device providing great offers to their current and prospective customers.

iPhone with Cricket

For $55 Dollars a month, people can play with their iPhone gadgets for a fair amount of time per month. The plan will offer unlimited talk, text and will be laced with 2.3 gigabyte data for you to search the web like all those iPhone users do. What I’ve found on the Kansas City Star is that the price of the phone will be lowered slightly. “Cricket is subsidizing the iPhone price tag by $150, far less than carriers who offer iPhones with the two-year contracts.” That means a lot more people will be able to buy the iPhone now!

In mid-June, these phones will be available to everyone that is interested in this deal. You can start buying your iPhone by Cricket on June 15th and they will go on sale June 22nd. Cricket will offer an 8 GB iPhone 4 for $399.99 and a 16GB iPhone 4S for $499.99. YOU CAN GET ALL OF THIS WITHOUT A TWO YEAR AGREEMENT!

I know some of you are excited out there. I’m not. I’m a die-hard Android fan!

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Ytube Vid of the Week: Leroy

Obviously, this is a short skit about unruly children. This is the Ytube Vid of the Week because it contributes to how I truly feel about some of these kids. They need to be disciplined. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the mall and seen kids running around, yelling and screaming at adults and parents laugh at it! WTF is that?! People, please keep your children in order. Society doesn’t want to do it for you. Now, lets talk about the makers!

Channel Name:


Info About Channel Owner:

As stated on producers website, “LEXO TV is a Trinidad and Tobago based film production company that primarily creates innovative puppet film shorts that reflect the diversity of the Caribbean Diaspora.” Their company is made up of five entertainers who do both technical and artistic works for their short films. “We strive to produce and highlight local shorts and in our own small way contribute to Trinidad and Tobago’s budding film industry,” stated by the site. Well, keep the Vids coming because I like it very much! Everyone please look into more of their films whenever you’re free.