App of the Week: SocialCam Video Camera

Most of you may already be familiar with this app. Even if you aren’t familiar with it, you may have seen a video that was uploaded through Socialcam on Facebook or Twitter by one of your friends.


What does this App do?

It’s said to be the Instagram for Videos by AppJudgment. Socialcam is a stream line way to share videos to your social networks from your phone. You will be asked to log into the app with your Facebook login, which is the only way to log into Socialcam for now and then you may begin recording and sharing. There are a lot that needs to be worked on within this app. But to be an app for sharing videos, it does a good job. It’s one of the very few that are available with this ability to stream videos on the go.


  • Unlimited video length and storage
  • Private accounts and private videos
  • Vintage and experimental video filters
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Email/SMS
  • Fast upload in the background (no spinners)
  • Videos stored in the cloud – Watch on any smartphone, computer, or tablet
  • Upload existing videos from your camera roll
  • Browse, like, and comment on friends’ videos
  • Instantly notified when your friends take videos
  • Live feed of your friend’s favorite videos

Where can I find this App?

Android’s Google Play and iTune’s App Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

Maybe. I’d use this app when it becomes a lot more popular. It’s still in its beginning stages. If people start to use it more often and I stop seeing inappropriate videos that people watch instantly pop up on my Facebook newsfeed, then I’ll decide if I want to join in with this social seen. But it’s still good to know that I can get it.


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