Vacation with Me (if you missed it)

Highlights from the trip

Doc is back from her week-long vacation to Orlando, Florida. She took plenty of pictures while there. If you guys missed it, I feel sorry for you because it was very entertaining and onlookers could tell that she was having a “ball!” She traveled up and down International Drive on motor scooters with friends, rode the world most famous marvel super hero ride called the Hulk in Islands of Adventures theme park at Universal, and ate a pizza pie at the nationally known italian restaurant, Giordano’s, famous for their stuff pizzas! What a great way to spend a 21st birthday!

If you would like to see what really went on during Doc’s celebration of her 21st birthday, take the time out to see what you’ve missed out on by going here. See some of the moments you missed! A lot more happened on this trip that wasn’t posted on Instagram. So make sure you see everything!

Doc has other vacations that she is planning for the near future. We’ll keep you posted with any upcoming mini instagram series. Thanks to all the people who watched. If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to comment below.


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