Teenager’s Aren’t the Only Ones that Sext

I’m going to take a little of the guilt away that MTV places on a lot of teenagers when they run a commercial on their channel about sexting and how it can ruin your life. Teens aren’t the only ones who do it! Where are all the commercials for the adults?

When reading the Washington Post Reader on Facebook this morning, I ran across an article that was a study in which claims that adults sext, too! Written by Sarah Kessler and titled Parent’s Sext, Too, the article provides lots of surprising statistics telling us that parents enjoy the sexting thrill that we all may have dabbled in while texting one of our favorite texting buddies (wink-wink).
Sexting Parents
Kessler points out in her writing, “In a recent survey of 2,097 adults by Harris Interactive, one in five moms and dads of children younger than 18 said they have used their smartphones to sext.” When you really think about it, that can be a lot of adults. See what playing on the phone gets you when your bored.

What isn’t surprising about the study is 40% of those people who are more likely to sext is people in the age group of 18 to 34. To me, that is a young crowd. When I think about it, we’re the one’s who are the technology savvy folks, spending our entire days on Twitter and Facebook posting what’s on our minds and what we plan to do next. Hearing 10% of people who are 55 and older have exchanged explicit photos at some point in their life is what sounds a lot more disturbing to me.

So teens are definitely not alone in these cases of sexting. Everyone needs a pick me up when their day becomes slightly dry, I guess. How do you feel about hearing that adults sext, too?


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