App of the Week: Drankenstein, Ridin’ Fresh

Lets spend some time talking about an app that is meant to be played on your smart phone as a video and is quite similar to a game we use to be familiar with so very well. Games that are like the Grand Theft Auto Series. To add-on to this Zombie Apocalypse mess that’s been so prevalent in our national news lately, I’ve decided to make this week’s App of the Week, Drankenstein, Ridin’ Fresh!

Drankenstein App

What does this App do?

Stated both on the iTunes and Google Play App stores:

“Join Short Dawg as he blasts through the crowded streets of Houston, capping gangsters and collecting his favorite purple beverage to transform into the invincible Drankenstein, smashing through cars with a rocket launcher and earning bonus cash! How fresh is your ride?

Enjoy songs from Short Dawg’s album “The Adventures of Drankenstein”

  • Rollin’ Wit a G
  • Ima Stunna
  • H Town
  • Bone
  • Engine Light
  • *Plus new tracks downloaded right to your phone!”

Where can I find this App?

Android’s Google Play and iTune’s App Store

How much does this App cost?

It’s $0.99 in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. But there is a free version to download. It’s a demo version, meaning that you won’t get everything that the paid version has to offer and you may encounter a good amount of ads.

Would I use this app?

Yes, I use to play Grand Theft Auto 3 all the time. I still have it in my basement. If I wanted to play something like it, I should buy me the Drankenstein app! I wouldn’t be writing about it if I wouldn’t use the app. One thing about games and I, I don’t finish them.


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