Ytube Vid of the Week: CJ Dippa on America’s Got Talent

We always hear people talk about ambition but we rarely see them on their path to success. But with shows like America’s Got Talent we are given somewhat of an idea of what it takes to be someone who is considered a talented person. We get to see people pursue their dreams, no difference than American Idol. The Ytube Vid of the Week is one of an artist who has open up a bit of his journey to success by going on America’s Got Talent while he was in the 6th grade. Below is 11 year old CJ Dippa.

YouTube Channel:

MrCJDippa is his original channel with all his current and past performances and songs. Please be sure to click the link and review his work. I’ve found this video to be posted on channel named esmaelhbr (no relevance to CJ Dippa.)

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