Hide and I’ll Seek: Lockdown

The police was blocking the doors and the windows. Each student at Portland Valley High was looking out to see their fellow classmate, Tavon Anderson, get dragged into a police car. Nobody was surprised, Tavon seem like the closet type. The one that would end up bombing the school before graduation. Tavon ending up stabbing another student.

The whole school was placed on lockdown. Every student was to stay in their classes until the principal had said that it is safe to leave. In room 236 Mr. Gliden didn’t care if his students left or not. He hated his job and the students. They didn’t care about doing their work so he decided he didn’t care either. But when it came to projects, he wanted them done and that’s all he really ask his student to always do.

Mr. Gliden sat on his desk while he watched his student accomplishing one of their last projects of the year. His room was one of the most bleak and boring rooms in the entire school, covered in grey with only a few posters and maps of the United States. Mr. Gliden also hated when his students chose to do their work at the last-minute or when they just sat in his class doing nothing. He walked around the room to see if everybody was doing their projects and he found the slackers of his AP Class as usual doing nothing.

“Mr. Aston and Ms. Marcena, as usual, you plan not to do one of my projects again?” Mr. Gliden asked loud enough for the class to hear and now everyone was paying attention. Aston saw everybody looking, he took his feet off the desk and took out his earphones. While Marcena gave Mr. Gliden an ugly glare.

“Its Mace. Mr Gliden, to tell you the truth, I’m not from America and I don’t plan to be here forever. So what’s the point of me doing the project? I bet my partner agrees.” Mace announced even louder than Mr. Gliden. Aston also didn’t care if he did the project or not. He had a C and it was good enough for him.

“Well, Ms. MARCENA, you and your partner’s project will reflect your 4th quarter grade. Don’t do this project and you’ll fail. Also, that means that those lows C’s you had previously during the year, with an E as your quarterly grade, it can average out to a low D so I suggest you get to it.”  Mr Gliden said before he walked away.  As much as Mace and Aston hated history, They wanted to pass. Mace and Aston looked at each other for a long time until Aston got up.

“I’ll grab the markers and you can grab the posters.” Aston told Mace. Aston looked at Mace. The change that she went through was obvious. In 9th grade, she found out that her father was cheating on her mother and her mother ended up going crazy and had to live in a rehabilitation center on 24/7 suicide watch. Mace went from a straight A student to barely passing, having about 7 piercings (5 on her face; nose, Marilyn Monroe, surface by her eye, and lip. Her ear, cartilage and belly button were also pierced) and two tattoos (One saying “Family aint s****”  on her side and the another saying “Think about Cheating on me, I cut your little friend off” which includes a smiling face that was on her lower back). She was so gorgeous and innocent then. Now, she has pink and green highlights in her head.

“Sure, anything to avoid his face next year,” Mace yelled and then she went to get the posters.  Aston walked up to get the markers. As he grabbed the markers, he notice one of the girls that lived on that same street as him.

“Hey Roxie!” Aston greeted Roxie. She looked kind of surprised when she heard him say hello to her. She chuckled. Aston looked confused when she laughed.

“What?” he asked.

“Usually, slackers don’t talk to overachiever like me. They think I’m stuck up like your partner over there. I can recognize her glare anywhere.”

Aston didn’t have anything else to say and Roxie just left. Roxie was definitely an overachiever, she was number one in their class and was proud of it. She also was one of the most prettiest girls in the school. She had curly natural hair, light caramel skin, and grey eyes. Aston always had a crush on Roxie but he knew how much she cared about school. So he left it alone.

Aston walked back to Mace when he saw Warren, the only white guy in their school talking to Mace. Aston hated Warren and he avoided him at all cost. Though, Mace had to talk to Warren because they both had sessions with the guidance counselor about their family’s life situation.

“Got the markers.” He said as he sat down in his seat.

“Oh okay. Warren, how about you leave because we have to do our project now.” Mace told Warren.

“I don’t get why you choose this clown that doesn’t do his work. I chose Iggy and the nerd works hard.” Warren replied as he pointed over towards Iggy. Iggy always wear tracksuits and his glasses are too square and huge. Aston ignored Warren and just continued to look at the supplies.

“Other than Iggy, who is there, Peace? Peace is the dumbest person alive.” Warren turned to Peace and saw her coloring in the states, in a coloring book, while her partner was looking in the history books.

Aston hated when Mace would talk to Warren and they would insult people.

“Mace, can we get started?” Aston asked. She glared at him for a minute and then shooed Warren away. They began to start on their project.

“Attention students. After lockdown, you must go directly home. There will be no after school activities. Lockdown will be over in about…10 minutes. I will come back on the intercom to tell you when we will be dismissed.” The principle said on the intercom. Mr. Gliden’s students started to pack up their stuff.

“Wait up students, you know the posters are only one part of the project. You must still write a report on a particular part on American history and do the PowerPoint presentation. This is all due on Friday. So I suggest if you haven’t started that you try to get this done,” Mr. Gliden announced to his whole class.

Aston and Mace knew that Mr. Gliden was talking about him so they didn’t bother to talk.

“Lockdown is over. School is dismissed,” the principle said on the intercom. Mace grabbed her bag and then begin to walk out of the door. Aston followed after her.

“Mace, What are we going to do? I need to pass. My mother said that I have to get my usual grades or I won’t see my father. You know he lives in Texas and he promised me a job,” Aston explained to Mace as they walk toward the school’s door.

“Aston, I think family is overrated.” Mace replied.  Aston stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked at Mace like he was about to throw up. “But…since your my friend, I will help you. Now stop looking at me like that.”  Mace hooked her arms in Aston and started walking.

“Okay, what will be the best time for us to work on it then?” Aston asked.

“How about after school all this week? I mean, I have nothing else to do and I know you don’t.”

“Shut up and I’ll see you after school tomorrow.” Aston growled as he unhooked her arm and began to walk away.

Mace just smiled and began to walk home or anywhere else to avoid her father.

“This week is going to be a boring week,” Mace whispered.

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