App of the Week: Logos Quiz Game

You ever have one of those moments when you see an image suddenly pop up while your driving and automatically you want that product that’s being promoted to you without the brands name being mentioned? Well, I know I do. Especially when it comes to fast food restaurants, particularly Burger King.

Logos Quiz Game

What does this App do?

Developed by Mateusz Klaczak and stated on Google Play’s Android Market:

“This is logo quiz game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. Compare your answers with your friends. Challenge them to see who know more logos!

We are continuously surrounded by company logos, we can see them on TV, walking on the street, at important events… everywhere! But, how many of them can you recognize?

Guess the logos of different brands (companies, products, etc.).

In Logo Quiz game every found logo will increase the score. Higher logo level(difficulty) = more points(higher score). Try to guess all logos!

Now get highest Streaks to make it on leaderboard!”

Where can I find this App?

Google Play App Store!

But there are similar games that can also be found in the iTunes App store, if you don’t own an android, that have the same concept that this game has.

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I downloaded this game Tuesday morning. It’s so much fun. I’m surprised at how much logos I know. It’s wild how companies place these images for us to remember though we may not buy their products. I guess that’s what they want us to do. If we’re put in a predicament where we may need to buy something, these few that we remember will come to mind.