Intro to Vonni’s Advice

Hello All,

Vonni’s Advice column is all about the youth.  I will be giving you advice on everything from your crush, to how to talk to your mom and/or dad about sex. This column is for you to express yourself and have no judgement what so ever.  In a society that is full of judgment and television shows that glamorize many bad things, how is a person supposed to make a good decision? No, I am not a professional but this is advice that over the years I have seen worked very well.  I have helped many of my friends, family, and strangers make good and better decisions.

I want this column to be interactive, so I would like to add that you may send me any type of questions to and I will keep your name anonymous and answer them every last Sunday of the month. This column will be called Ask Vonni! If there is something that you would like for me to address in a future blog, feel free to leave a message as well.  I have a lot of advice to give and I love to do it, there is nothing you can ask me that will shock me.  The remaining Sundays out of the month, I will posting blogs and information about a diverse amount of topics, and topics that you ask for me to cover. I look forward to helping each and everyone one of you.

Peace and Love, Vonni


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