Ytube Vid of the Week: Orangey and Purple-Neverest Institute

This Week’s choice for Ytube Vid of the Week is Episode 5 of the Orangey and Purple Series. I had to add this video on Doc’s Castle Media because it keeps me laughing every time I watch it and I want to share this with all of my readers. You all should definitely check out the Orangey and Purple Series on YouTube.

Bricklin Page is the owner of this funny show that premiers every other week on her YouTube channel, brickybrick1. Bricklin is an inspired artist looking to become a successful entrepreneur. She is in the process of starting her own company called Katty_Minako. So make sure you all look out for that. Orangey and Purple is her first motion picture cartoon, and may I add that it is a great production for it to be her first. Currently, Bricklin has 16 episodes of Orangey and Purple and plans to end this season with 22 episodes, like an actual television series on your tv. Make sure you subscribe to bricklybrick1 for more of Orangey and Purple on YouTube.