My Experience with the N2A Card

The Nook Color and the Nook Tablet can be turned into an android tablet if you want it to. You don’t have to use that whack app market they have already installed on the eReader. You can hardly get anything on it, like the choices for free apps are extremely limited on the iOS market, the android market that’s originally installed on each of these Nooks. Make yourself happy by treating yourself to something more.
Nook Color

N2A Cards, LLC make it possible for turning that Nook into something more than your electronic book. They offer an easy, less complicated, way to turning your Nook into an android tablet by providing you with a SD card that has a Linux operating system, which is the system with the Android Market that we all are familiar with.

N2A Cards, LLC did a good job with creating this type of technology because I wouldn’t be able to turn my Nook into an android myself though it is possible. I want it the quick and easy way.
N2A Card
Before I invested in the N2A card, I did a lot of research on the card and the company, and decided to go about buying it through Amazon. Just to let you guys know, Amazon is where I get all my little gadgets and accessories for my electronics. But for this card, I think that was the wrong idea because when the card was shipped to me, I tested to see if it worked and it didn’t. Boo-hoo!

I had to go through the most ridiculous customer service in the world. How does a company like this NOT have a phone number to call when something goes wrong with their product? The process with trying to get another card that worked was stressful. I couldn’t take the fact that I basically had to email the company back and forth while their automatic reply is telling me that it could take up to 2 hours for them to get back to me. I should have ordered my card from the company’s website.

After going through all that stress of emailing a N2A card representative 3 emails in the span of 6 hours, they told me they were sending out another card to me that will work. The card was mailed to me within 3 days and it worked! I’m satisfied now.
Nook to Android
This blog is for all those people who decide to be cheap and buy the N2A card so that they could enjoy the benefits of the android market that we all know of. Please test your card the moment you get it in the mail because it’s not guaranteed to work. Make sure you buy it from their website though it might not matter if you get from Amazon.

To the makers of this product, please provide a number for future customers. The emailing process is annoying.

I hope this helped you with your decision to buy a N2A Card.


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