App of the Week: Texts From Last Night (TFLN)

When you need another moment to embarrass your best friend or when you want to read ridiculous situations other people put themselves into, you can have you’re favorite site in the palm of your hand. Text From Last Night is Today’s App of the Week!

Texts From Last Night

What does this App do?

TFLN is a website that publishes texts that some may regret and other’s may admire of those drunken nights with their friends. A young adult’s nightmare is what I would call it. But to many it’s a gift sent from experts on what not to send when you’re having a blast drinking a few beers or downing that 8 oz glass of Peach Ciroc.

How iTunes App Store describes this app:

“Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night? We do.

Don’t be fooled by impostors and copycats whose feeds keep getting disabled. This is the only official Webby Award-winning TFLN app on the App Store from the creators of the website, book by Gotham Publishing, and upcoming TV series produced with Happy Madison.

Featured on Gizmodo, The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, GeekSugar, PCWorld, The Huffington Post, and literally thousands of other news sites worldwide.

“A seemingly endless stream of tawdry, embarrassing, and hilarious text messages of unknown veracity.” – MacWorld

ALL NEW VERSION 2.0! Allows you to sign in to your TFLN Account! – one of the most addicting sites on the internet – now has its own iPhone app!

View all the hilarious text messages featured on the site with this easy to use application. You can also view the best and worst nights, save and vote on your favorite texts, and submit your own texts to the site! WARNING: This product contains adult material and is inappropriate for children.

All material in the app is copyrighted. By using the Moderate function, you agree to the TFLN Terms of Service.

Comments/Problems/Suggestions? Email”

Where can I find this App?

Google Play App Store

iTunes App Market

Blackberry App World

How much does this App cost?

$0.99 but on Blackberry App World it’s Free!

Would I use this app?

Honestly, I feel like this application is one of those apps I would play with for one day then forget about it. It caught my attention enough to write about it but not my attention to download it. You may take the time out to download it but think about it first because it costs money if you have iPhones and Androids.

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