Hide and I’ll Seek: Gain

Let the games begin

Let the games begin

Aston kept thinking in his head. He wondered what games are we suppose to be playing. When he looked in the library, all he saw was blood and a person that had their guts pulled out.

Aston took a closer look to see if it was Mace. He didn’t want to believe it was Mace but he wanted to make sure. As he got closer to the body, the smell was getting fouler and fouler. He thought it smelled like a dead deer going bad in the street. Aston covered his nose with his shirt but the smell was still going through. He started to throw up when he was near the body. It was definitely a man because of the brown short hair and the beard. Aston was glad that it wasn’t Mace but he felt sad for the man. The man’s chest was open and empty. Aston was smart enough to know that all the man’s guts were on the floor. The blood that was still in his chest was dried out.

“Aston?” Aston jumped when he heard Roxie called his name. This place was giving him the creeps. Roxie begins to follow the trail of blood that led her next Aston, the man, and the guts. Roxie didn’t throw up when she saw the body. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“The Janitor,” she said. Aston was thinking why would she say the janitor but then it clicked. The man who was on the floor with no guts was the janitor.

“Aston, we have to get outta here or we have to call the police.” Roxie whispered. Aston nodded. He went to look for his cell phone in his book bag but he couldn’t find it.

“Someone took my phone,” Aston exclaimed. He asked Roxie if she had a phone but she shook her head no. He looked in Mace bag but someone took Mace’s phone too.

“Ok, I don’t see Mace’s phone. I don’t see my phone. This is not a coincidence. We need to make sure Mace is still in the library. If not, we should leave and get other people’s help,” Aston told Roxie. All Roxie could do was nod.

Aston and Roxie looked all around the library for Mace but Mace was nowhere to be found. Aston looked frustrated but deep down he was terrified for Mace.

“Looking for Mace?” a creepy mysterious voice asked loudly. Aston looked around to see who said that. Roxie was looking up, Aston looked up, and then both stared in shock. A person was up on the TV screen. The person had on skull mask making him look like the grim reaper.

“Welcome Aston and the lovely, beautiful Roxie. You guys are players or shall I say the protagonist in today’s game,” the creep said on the screen. Aston and Roxie didn’t know what the man was talking about.

“What games are we playing?” Roxie asked the creep on the screen.

“We are not playing games.” Aston replied before the creep could answer Roxie question. The creep just laughed.

“You have to play the games or your classmates will die,” the creep announced. His voice was so raspy. It sounded like his voice was being disguised.  Aston and Roxie looked at each other. Roxie put her head down.

“I guess that’s a yes. The game is simple. You have to seek for those who need seeking i.e. your classmates.”

“So it’s basically Hide-and-Go Seek but we play the seekers every time?” Roxie asked as she brought her head back up. Roxie was mad and scared but she was focused. Aston thought that Roxie believed they were really playing this game. Aston knew he wasn’t playing. He thought I’ll make a run for it as soon as this creep stops talking. 

“No wonder you’re valedictorian,” the creep cheered.

“Okay, I think we understand the rules of the game. We’ll start looking for them now.” Roxie replied and grabbed Aston wrist. They walked towards the library door.

“As soon as the door closes, we make a run for it,” Roxie whispered to Aston. The walk to the door was the slowest walk Roxie and Aston seem they would ever take. Roxie opened the door and they made a run for it. They ran to the school’s main entrance doors. Roxie pushed one of the doors for it to open but it didn’t move one bit. She kept pushing and pushing but the door wouldn’t budge. Aston tried the other three doors. They didn’t open either.

The intercom came on and the creep began to speak, “It’s no use to push the doors, they’re sealed shut. If you try to break the windows, you will get electrocuted.”

Roxie slowly sunk to the ground.

“Now that you guys get the picture, I’ll explain the rules. You’ll find the people I want you to find by a specific time. If you try to rescue somebody else, they will die. In order to find the people you are searching for, you must answer the question or riddle. The riddle will relate to where you will find your classmates. Instead of explaining, we shall start. In the library, there are two keys that will save your classmates. You have 4 minutes to save them. Here’s the riddle there are 234 doors in this school. You must find one door. Every time a person opens this door that you are looking for, a teacher announces that ‘they feel the joy of learning.’ You must find that door and open it. There, you will find what you are looking. Your 4 minutes start now.”

Aston looked at Roxie. Roxie had her head in her knees. Aston thought to himself how am I supposed to know which door it is. He didn’t know what to do and with the amount of time he had, it was no use for looking for the students.

“Three minutes,” the creep said on the intercom. Roxie kept her head down as Aston kept beating on the door.

Roxie raised her head and stared forward. Aston looked at her as if he was confused. Roxie got up and started running. Aston followed after her.

“What? Did you find out the riddle?” Aston asked. Roxie didn’t answer him. She went into the library and got the keys, and ran back out.

“Two minutes,” the creep announced.

“Look, its Ms. Parker room,” Roxie said as she ran.

“”How do you know?”

“She was addicted to saying the joy of learning. She was so addicting to saying it that she even got a bumper sticker of that phrase. I had her for geometry in ninth grade.”

“Why are we going this way? We have to go upstairs. Remember the left stairwell is closed due to the construction.”

Roxie cursed. Then they both ran the opposite way towards the middle stairwell. They went up the stairs and took a left towards Ms. Parker’s classroom.

“One Minute.”

They reached the door. At the top of the door’s frame there was a poster that said the joy of learning. Aston tried to open the door but it was locked. Roxie looked around the hallway while Aston tried to use the two keys.

“Watch out, Aston!” Roxie said. She had a Bunsen burner in her hand and threw it against the door’s window.

“I guess, the only windows the creep was talking about was the ones leading outside.” She said as she put her hands through the broken window to open the door.

“30 seconds.”

Aston and Roxie look left and right. At their right, they saw two students hanging from the ceiling by black chains. On their left, they saw Ms. Parker sitting at her desk with a knife through her mouth and down her throat that was cutting through her neck. She was dead. Aston almost threw up again. Roxie already was helping one of the students out the chains.

“Aston, get the other person out,” Roxie called out. She threw the keys and Aston caught them.

“10, 9, 8, 7….” The creep continues to countdown.

Aston unlocks the chain that was around the student’s wrist. The student falls into Aston’s arms. As soon as the creep was finish counting, a spring sprung out where the student’s chest might have been. The spring was filled with pointy, dangerous spikes.

Roxie took a good look at the students she and Aston just saved. It was Peace and Iggy.

“Thank you,” Peace said while shaking. Iggy just looked at Ms. Parker’s dead body.

The TV came on.

“Very good Roxie and Aston but if you wanna save your other classmates, you might want to move a little faster,” The creep announce on TV.

“Just tell us who else we have to save,” Roxie uttered.

“I thought we’d take a break and watch what can happen to your classmates if you can’t save them.”

The camera zoomed in on a person and the area around them. A girl was hanging from the ceiling, by her wrist on a black chain. Next to her were tools and knives. The camera zoomed in on her face. Aston couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

It was Mace.

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