App of the Week: Google Wallet

In a world where there will be no more wallets, what will be the device to take its place? Can we say that our phones will be the new wallet? Yes, we can. With Google Wallet, we can say good-bye to the wallet that we carry in our purses and back pockets. Let’s say hello to our new digital money holder, Google Wallet.

What does this App do?

On Google Play, it says:

“Make your phone your wallet

Get ready to tap, pay, and save with Google Wallet, the app that makes your phone your wallet.

Google Wallet * makes paying fast with Citi MasterCard or the Google Prepaid Card * makes saving simple by automatically syncing your Google Offers to your phone * is a wallet that you can lock, keeping you safe and secure

You can pay with Google Wallet anywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted.”

Where can I find this App?

Google Play Store (but this app is only compatible with certain phones. To see what phones this app works best with, click here.)

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I believe this app needs more development and more phones need to have this service in their programing. I don’t have any phones that are compatible for this app, either. This is a huge benefit and I would use this app if my phone was able to take full advantage of this app. But I will not go buy a new phone just so that I could use this app.


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