Snow White and the Huntsman the movie

In Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart played Snow White. She is the only person, in all the land, that is able to kill the Evil Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron). Because she is the only one that can beat the evil queen, the evil queen sends the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to go find Snow White and bring to her Snow White’s pure heart so that she may be the fairest in all the land. The huntsman finds Snow White in the dark forest, but doesn’t capture her. Instead of capturing Snow White, he trains her so she will be able to defeat the evil queen. During the movie Snow White and the huntsman experiences the adventure of a lifetime as they collide with a prince name William, a poisonous apple, and 8 insane dwarves.

Out of Five stars, I gave it a:

Snow White and The Huntsman was okay. The movie didn’t build me up with excitement about the film or make me cheer for the protagonist, Snow White. Kristen Steward is a so-so actor. During the movie, her personality and emotion stayed the same. The only time I saw her show any emotion was at the end of the movie. The person that really wowed me was Charlize Theron. She made me cheer for her, and for a moment, I thought the evil queen was the one in trouble.

Even though the acting was okay, the movie graphics was extraordinary. The dark forest would have had me scared, too. The forest had branches that turned into snakes, maggots that were everywhere, trees that moved, and black dirt that look like smoke. Scary!!

The storyline was also okay because everybody already knows the tale of Snow White. Snow White was enjoyable because of the action and the magical creatures.

Although I thought the movie was just okay, I still recommend everybody to see it. It is a good summer movie that us teens can see and enjoy. Go check it out for yourself.


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