How to Deal with Peer Pressure

Hello all,

Topic for this week: Peer Pressure. Yes, everyone goes through it. I do mean everyone! From let’s go skip class to let’s go and try to get a beer, I know the toughest thing to do at any age is to say no. If you do say no, then everyone will call you a clown or a nerd because you didn’t want to do it. Honestly, everyone falls victim to peer pressure. It’s part of life and growing up. Sometimes it seems so much easier to say yes then to say no when put into this situation. I’m not going to go cliché, on you all, and say, “say no to drugs because they are bad,” or “say no to sex because it’s dangerous.” I know you guys hear it all the time on TV, from your parents, and from your friends. Believe me, that really is not stopping anyone. I’m here to give you a list that I use when I go through peer pressure. It has saved me so much pain, heartache, and regret using this list.

Here’s the list that I keep in mine, to help me make decisions, when I know I’m being pressured by my friends to do things. Think:

1) Is it worth it? – Think what are you getting out of it.

2) Are you going to regret your decision later? – are you going to wake up in the morning, and say what the hell did I just do?

3) What are the consequences of this situation?– is this bad for me, my health, my self-esteem, my well-being?

4) Think about the bigger picture and not just the satisfaction in the moment.– I know many people who say, “it was a mistake and I was hurting at the moment,” or “He told me he loved me at the moment.” Don’t do things for the moment. Think of what’s going to happen to you in the long run.

5) Think about why your friends doing it.

The last one is so important because when growing up, many of my friends would pressure me into doing things, but I had to think about why they are doing it, first. For example, one of my friends had sex with a guy because he said he loved her. Then, he called her a slut around school. Since I’ve been hanging with her, people would say I’m a slut. Guys would try to pressure me to have sex because of something my friend did. When I would say no, they would say “Oh, you’re nothing like your friend. Huh? I heard about you, too.” Now, I could have fell into this trap and gave this boy what he wanted, fall into the pressure, and follow what people were saying about me. But I said no and within an instant, I thought I would regret this later. That was the feeling of peer pressure.

Many of your friends are pressuring you because they don’t know how to say no, themselves, and want you to fall to peer pressure with them, or make the same mistakes they did. I have made more friends. I have also helped my friends become stronger, as they watched me, while following my list and sticking to it. I know life is hard at the ages of 12-25 but trust me. Give this list a try to see how much easier and better your decisions become!

If there is something that you would like for me to discuss in a future blog, feel free to leave a message at

Peace and Love,



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