Ytube Vid of the Week: Pregnant and I know It (Parody)

I spent the other day listening to nothing but parody songs and ran across this song by Tommee Profit called Pregnant and I know it. This video is this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week because it makes me think of all those happy expecting moms out there who plan their pregnancies. The world has so much negativity that we forget that a pregnancy isn’t always a mistake. It is sometimes planned.

Society sheds a light on the pregnant women who view their expected baby as a mistake. Questions like “Should I get an abortion?,” “Can I take the morning after pill?,” or, on shows like Maury, “Who is my baby’s father?” are starting to shape America’s image of having a baby. I’m beginning to wonder if having a baby is special anymore.

In this video is Angela Profitt, the woman who is married to the producer of this song, Tommee Profitt. She spent her nine months of her pregnancy documenting the coming of her and Tommee’s baby, McKenlee Joy Profitt. You can see it on her website, here.

I chose to write about her along with this video because she got pregnant the right way. She was married then had a baby. That’s the way that we don’t see in the media. I understand that most families these days may not have both parents. But that doesn’t mean we make money by highlighting the faults of creating a family. I admire Angela Profitt’s approach to documenting her coming of little McKenlee. It was my version of 16 and Pregnant, though without the 16.

What do you think about this video being Ytube Vid of the Week? Comment with your opinion.

Tommee Profitt has other great songs on his YouTube channel, as well. Everyone please look at tommeeprofitt to listen to some of his music. Also, check out his website:


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