Hide and I’ll Seek: Failure

Aston had to look at the TV screen now that he saw Mace.

“Everybody should know this girl behind me. She’s the most hated person in school. It’s Ms. Marcena,” The creep said with so much excitement.

Roxie looked at Aston but Aston couldn’t look away from the TV.

“I thought that you get mad when people call you Marcena?” The creep asked Mace. Mace just looked at him with no sign of emotion. The creep grabbed a knife and starting cutting through Mace’s arm. Mace cried out.

“Ms. Marcena. Ms. Marcena. Ms. Marcena. Does that hurt?”

The blood flowed down Mace’s arm and onto the ground. The creep started cutting through Mace’s other arm. Mace began to jerk around. She was trying to get out of the chains holding her but she couldn’t.

“Ms. Marcena, has anybody told you that you have a lot of piercings,” he said as he pulled up Mace’s shirt, which exposed Mace’s belly button piercing. “I think we should take away one of those piercings.”

“Is he going to rape he?,” Peace asked. Roxie just look at Peace and studied her.

“No Peace, I’m not going to rape her. I’m just giving Mace a piece of her medicine,” The creep announced. He grabbed some pliers from the table and walk toward Mace.

Mace tried to get out of the black chains. She jerked left and right to try to pull away from the creep.

Aston stopped looking at the screen. He couldn’t take it anymore.

The creep put the pliers on Mace belly button piercing.

“A lot of people say pain is pleasure,” the creep told Mace. He used the pliers to snatch Mace’s belly button ring out. Mace screamed and cried.

“Stop! Give us the next riddle,” Aston screamed angrily.

“Is that hostility, Aston? Ok, I will give you the next riddle but you’ll lose some time because of your rudeness,” the creep said. Aston stared at the creep on the TV.

“The key is on the table in the middle of the library. Here’s the riddle, find the person that thought it was cool when he reacted a scene from Not Another Teen Movie. If you know the scene, you will know where your classmate is. You have 3 ½ minutes.”

Aston, Roxie, Iggy, and Peace all looked at each other. They begin to think of what person reacted a scene from Not Another Teen Movie. Aston eyes grew wide.

That’s easy.” Aston said and then he ran towards the library. Peace, Iggy, and Roxie followed after him.  When they went into the hallway, the light was blinking on and off very fast.

Aston couldn’t even see. The lights were blinking on and off too fast. He though he was about to face an epilepsy seizure. Iggy stopped and almost fell to the ground.

“Iggy, we must run or we’ll run out of time.” Roxie told Iggy.

“The lights are bothering me. I can’t take it.” Iggy yelled.

“Obviously, you never have been to a club.” Peace uttered. She grabbed Iggy’s wrist and told him to close his eyes. They begin to run down the stairs. They were in the middle stairwell when they heard loud screaming through the intercom. Aston stopped in the middle of the stairs and covered his ears with his hands. Roxie stopped after Aston but Peace didn’t stop fast enough. She tripped on the step, behind Roxie, and tumbled onto her with Iggy behind them. Roxie falls down the steps and bumped into Aston. He fell down the steps, too. They all fell until they hit the ground at the last step.

“Two Minutes.” The creep announced. Aston got up and started running again. Peace, Roxie, and Iggy followed. They went into the library and grabbed the keys. Aston ran out of the library but waited for the others to follow.

“Look, its Devonte! He’s in the girls locker room. Remember when he thought it would be cool to spy on the girls though the vent? He got the idea from Not Another Teen Movie,” Aston announces but they barely could hear him because of the screaming.

“The girls’ locker room” He yelled. They nodded and followed him into the girls’ locker room. They were almost near the locker room. It was at the end of the hallway and they believe they were going to make it.

“One Minute.”

Out of nowhere, red balls started to fall from the ceiling all throughout the hallway. They weren’t soft red kiddy balls. They were hard red basketballs. Roxie, Aston, Peace, and Iggy were getting hit with these balls on their heads. The balls continued to fall with no hesitation to stop. Peace was hit with two balls to her head and fell down. They kept hitting her. She couldn’t take it. Roxie grabbed her hand and pulled her up. They started to run together.

“30 seconds,”

The force of the balls hurt and bruised Aston. But he wouldn’t give up on saving Devonte. Devonte’s survival might lead to Aston finding out where Mace was. Aston had an idea. He notices that the balls were only falling in the middle of the hallway. They weren’t falling on the edges of the hall or by the lockers.

“Everybody run near the lockers,” Aston yelled. He didn’t know if they heard him or not but he moved near the lockers anyway and they followed him.

Aston finally got to the locker room and opens the door. The locker room was dark. He couldn’t see Devonte.

“10, 9,8,7…” the creep continued to countdown.

“Devonte!” He yelled. Roxie, Iggy, and Peace entered the locker room. Roxie had a flashlight. She turned it on. They saw Devonte on top of the middle lockers tied up. Aston climbed up the locker but before he could unlock the key, the creep stopped counting.  Aston looked around to see what would happen to Devonte but nothing happened. Aston didn’t know what to do. He was about to unlock the lock that was on Devonte’s wrist. But when he looked up, he saw a pole coming right for Devonte. Aston jumped down and hit his head on one of the benches. The pole came down with so much force and pierced Devonte right in the back. Devonte was dead instantly.

Roxie looked away from Devonte and saw Aston on the floor.  She went towards him.

“Aston? Aston?” She screamed and shook Aston but he wouldn’t wake. Aston was down and unconscious.

© Kendyl Walker and Hide and I’ll Seek, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kendyl Walker and Hide and I’ll Seek with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Creative Commons License
Hide and I’ll Seek by Kendyl Walker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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