What does love really mean!?

Another topic a few of my friends wanted to learn about is love. The main question is “What is love?” I know there are plenty of articles and videos about this. One article that I’ve come across that I dislike talks of “Young people from the ages of 13-25 don’t know what real love is and have never experienced it.”

I know a few people who have never experienced love and some that have. But one thing for sure that I know of is that a lot of young people experience lust. It can very much be in the same category as love, but its main difference is that you, or the another person involved in a lustful of relationship, may be using the other person included.

Sex can be used as a huge example. It’s a big factor of lust. If your boyfriend is only around you for sex, and that’s one of the main reason he chooses to stay with you, then you’re not experiencing love. Yes, you spend time together, enjoy going out, and you guys maybe even talk. But if every time he sees you and sex is on the agenda then this isn’t love.

Now, love is unconditional. It’s not jealousy, or anything you should be afraid of. It’s when someone is willing to be there through thick and thin. It’s when someone who cares about you helps to build you up and make you a better person.

I’ve experienced true love once. But I think we both were scared of what it was. As a result, we did stupid things and let our love go. The love I experience was young love. But if anyone would have seen us, you could immediately see that we were love birds, loving every moment of each others company. We could talk about anything, always helping each other, and was there for each other when things got rough. Love isn’t suppose to hurt, or lie. So when that happened to me, I knew the love between us would never be the same. I knew the love we once had was gone.

One thing I want to say to you all is that when you are young between the ages of 12-16 love isn’t something that should be on your mind because sex, most of the time, comes along with it. Love and sex
give off a chemical releases in your mind and body that you might not be able to interpreted correctly. You may not be able to handle what’s going on around that age.

Love and sex are very powerful. The best advice I could say when dealing with both is do your research on sex and love. Find out what it does to the body because there are emotions that are very hard to handle. If you aren’t ready, it could hurt you in the long run. In society, we find young women killing each other over a man. When loving someone, you shouldn’t have to kill or hurt someone else to get their attention. Sad to say, young people don’t comprehend that their actions have consequences and at that age you tend to believe you know everything. But there is so much more to it

I hope this helped you guys with your next journey to finding love!

Peace and Love,



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