A Picture of Nic Cage Gets a Girl a Job

Vanessa Hojda, a 20-year-old girl, gets a job after accidentally sending in a picture of the actor Nicolaus Cage. She was trying to get a job as an administrative assistant at York University according to Time. But instead of sending in her cover letter and resume, she sent an awkward looking photo of Nic Cage. (See the photo below)

Vanessa, embarrassed at what she did, then posted that same picture on Tumblr announcing it was an accident. It was just a mistake, but she was offered 2 jobs, gained over 800 followers on Tumblr, and has been interviewed by a radio show in Toronto. Whoa!

I wish I was lucky enough for something like what happened to Vanessa to happen to me. Maybe I should start sending in pictures of actors and musicians to see if someone would notice my mistake. I doubt it will work because it’s already been done.

Want to see who the famous Vanessa Hojda is? Here’s her Tumblr.

It’s funny how the biggest internet sensations get there leads, right?

Read the original post, here.


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