Ytube Vid of the Week: Wonder What Heaven Like

This week Ytube Vid of the Week is video Wonder What Heaven Like by Baltimore’s young talent, @TheHolyKaron. It was recorded and edited by my Dope delivery colleague, Derrick Craddock. It’s a poetic piece and interpretation for what Karon wonders how heaven is will be.

If you don’t know who The Holy Karon is by now, and you live in Baltimore City, you live under a rock, or I can say you’re not using the internet too often. Karon is Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and just about any social media personality there is, for the city of Baltimore. He has a mission and is well on his way to success.

I remember when Karon first asked me to follow him on Twitter 2 years ago. He DM’d me, told me he was trying to do something spectacular (I still don’t know what), and now has over 73,000 followers on Twitter alone. If your thinking that’s a lot, try combining Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to one. What do you get?

Karon is a true trend setter. He has created his own way of life, along with a huge following. He calls it Holy Life. Teens all over the city of Baltimore, maybe even beyond, know of the Holy Life. Do you? I suggest you familiarize yourself.

It’s obvious Karon has a bright future. That’s why I’ve chosen his video to share with you all. His work is excellent. His ambition is like no other I’ve seen in this city. To know where and what steps to take to get what he wants is remarkable for someone of his age. So everyone take a moment to look at and reflect on what this young man has to say and offer because he will be someone great in the future.

Check out Karon’s other videos on his YouTube channel, TheHolyKaron.


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