What is love? (cont.)/ Gossiping, Just Don’t Do It!

Hello all,

In continuing with my last entry, I would like to help and give you guys some of the tools you need to know about sex and love.  One thing I mentioned in the last entry is the chemical releases you experience with love and sex. I believe, since I said this to everyone, I need to provide you with this information; so here we go.  Vasopressin is release after we have sex, and it’s also important in long-term relationships.  There are many more, but like I stated before, you have to be careful because these chemical releases are very intense.


This website provided above will give you all the additional information that you need to know about chemical releases.

Another topic I would like to discuss is gossiping. Everyone does it, starting with yourself to even your grandmother.  It’s everywhere, from reading it in magazines to social networking. But the problem that we have with this gossiping issue is that it is completely terrible in this technology age.

I feel so bad for the people who have to go through the baggage that comes with gossiping. We may want to talk about people and its human nature to be nosey, but there are lines you should not cross.  One is turning gossiping into bullying.  Bullying is wrong on so many levels. It, honestly, makes you look like a bad person and makes other people who you choose to talk about feel bad about their self-esteem.  I can discuss this more in a later post, but I want you to get the point that bullying is bad.

Another line that you shouldn’t cross when gossiping is turning it into an addiction.  I know so many people who are addicted to looking at other people’s Facebook pages and then tell everyone what that person wrote.  This is seriously a problem, and there should be a name for this behavior along with some rehab to stop it.

The last example of crossing the line is when you turn gossiping into a job, no I’m not talking about the paparazzi. I’m talking about when all your friends start to call you the “gossip queen.” No, it’s not funny to be known as a person who knows of everyone’s business. Yes, it is a problem. I know you are wondering why am I saying this, I am saying this because this is a serious flaw that can be changed within people.  Being know as “gossip queen” shows people you can’t be trusted and that you could be a snitch. I know some gossip queens that are not snitches, but in the long run, I wouldn’t tell them my dark secrets because I don’t know if the rest of the world would find out.

Please guys, watch what you say & do! I can’t tell you how important it is not to gossip.

Peace and Love,


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