Ytube Vid of the Week: Back to School- COMRADEf t. Zach Cummins

Now, I want to take the moment out to introduce you to Comrade and Zach Cummins. Both are Baltimore’s very own talents! I’ve chosen to pick their video to be the YTube Vid of the Week simply because I love this song. It can very well be played on the radio. I can see it now. I’m listening to Z104.3 and the song comes on after the latest Maroon 5 song! A Hit!

I found this video on Comrade’s Channel, COMRADEmuzic. Check it out when you have a chance. This song is of a style of music that I normally don’t see or hear in the streets of Baltimore, which means this song is quite unique. That’s good. I don’t like seeing the same content.

When someone wants me to listen to their music, I have a preconceived notion of what I might hear. Comrade’s channel is a YouTube channel that shocked me, definitely in a good way, though. I’m happy to say that he has my ears and support. Does he have you?

Check out Comrade’s Website, here.


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