Hide and I’ll Seek: Choice

Roxie and Iggy were at Mr. Gliden’s room, upstairs waiting for Peace and Aston to come. They were waiting for over thirty minutes. Roxie was the only one searching; Iggy was too busy shaking the entire time. Roxie couldn’t open any of the doors upstairs because each one was locked. She didn’t want to go in and risk finding one her classmates. She knew the consequences but what was the point of searching.

Roxie thought when was Aston going to come upstairs.

She was getting impatient and she was tired of being in this school. She knew that this might be her last chance to be alive and as much as it scared her, she wasn’t going to give up on her life.

Roxie and Iggy was standing against the wall when they heard screaming. Roxie ran downstairs. Iggy followed her. She didn’t know exactly where the screaming came from but she saw the Cafeteria light on down the hallway. She ran to the cafeteria. When she got there, she saw three dead bodies and Aston standing in the middle of the floor with the water from the sprinklers pouring on him.

“Aston, what happened?” Roxie asked.

“Peace wanted to save her friends. I told her not to go in there because I knew that the creep was going to do something. She wanted to save them so bad but she ended up getting stuck and I couldn’t save her. So she got burnt right in front of my face. I should have saved her,” Aston said with so much guilt. Roxie knew he felt guilty, she could see it in his eyes.  A projectile screen suddenly made it way down against the cafeteria’s black wall. Roxie knew they were back in the game. It seemed like she was the only one of the three who actually was ready to play. The killer came on the screen and Aston had a blank expression on his face. He wasn’t smiling or mugging. He just looked straightforward, emotionless.

“Peace and Aston. Peace and Aston,” The killer repeated. He was on the screen and in the same dark room he appeared in before. “I told you if you find a person that was not apart of my riddle, they would die. Instead of just one person dying, now there are three dead. Isn’t it a shame? I just had to take a break from the riddles. Someone else needed all my attention, of course.” Mace appeared on the screen and she looked horrible. Each one of her piercing were pulled out, except for her surface piercing. Her arms were dripping with blood from the stabs.  She had a black eye and bruises were all over her body. Aston had to look down. He couldn’t look anymore.

“Ms. Marcena only has hours left to live. The only way you can save her is by doing the next four of my riddles OR you can leave and each one of you classmates left will die before the police even think about coming. You have five minutes to choose,” the creep said. Roxie didn’t want to admit it but she thought about leaving. Roxie wanted to leave but she knew she would always feel guilty for letting these people die. Aston knew he wasn’t leaving. All he had to do was try the riddles and he just might be able to save Mace. Iggy wanted to leave, of course.

They all stared at each and other. Then Roxie and Aston just stared at Iggy. Iggy sighed.

“I know this is wrong but I got to look out for myself. I’m sorry Aston and Roxie.” Iggy said. He walks towards the main entrance.

Roxie just laughed silently. She knew it was going to happen and he might as well leave.

“Iggy, you can go. The door is open.” The creep said on the intercom. Iggy opened the door and walked out. Then they heard Iggy scream and a shot blown from something that sounded somewhat like a gun. Roxie ran to the door but when she pushed open, the door was locked. She couldn’t even see what was outside.

“What happened? What did you do?” Aston asked as he looked at him on the screen.

“I meant that all of you would have to go if you were leaving. Only Iggy left so he had to suffer. It was nothing horrible though just a shot to the head.” The creep replied.

“You didn’t say that all of us had to go.”

“Well, it’s too late now. He’s already dead. Now we should get to those riddles.”

Roxie came into the room and all she could do is stare into space. There was nothing she could do anymore. There were already four people dead tonight and she had a feeling the number was just going to get bigger and bigger.

“This time it’s not really a riddle, it’s more of a scavenger hunt. Find the person that has a black shirt and blue jeans on today. This person always stays in a particular room at a particular time. You have five minutes to find this person.”

Roxie thought how generous that he gave us more time and is he insane? Almost everybody in their school wore a black shirt and blue jeans.

Roxie and Aston looked at each other. There was no way they were going to find out who this person was.
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