App of the Week: Track 8

I love to personalize the things that I own. From my room all the way to my notebook, I like to let people know that what they see is mine. It’s yours! I even design the way my text messages show up on my phone. What if we could do that to our iPhones, like change the music player around? I found an app where we can do that. Check out Track 8.
Track 8

What does this App do?

On the iTune’s App Store:

Your music library doesn’t have to look ordinary. Track 8 brings the Metro experience to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with an exciting music player. Browse and play your music in an immersive visual experience of album artwork and artist images.

– Available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
– Explore a clean Metro music interface
– Scrobble your tracks to Last.FM, and share “Now Playing” tweets right from Track 8.
– View background images of artists from
– Quickly find and listen to your recently played, new, and most played albums
– Customize the appearance of Track 8 to fit your personal style
– Sync your appearance settings via iCloud
– Enjoy beautiful artist, album, and playlist views
– Search for songs at breakneck speeds
– Gesture controls to easily adjust the volume and change tracks.
– Supports AirPlay, iCloud, iTunes Match, and Launch Center Pro

Where can I find this App?

iTune’s App Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I’m the type of person who likes everything to be personalized so that what ever I’m using feels like it’s mine. If you look in my phone, you can even see that my keypad is custom designed to fit my liking. So this is something I can see myself using. I just worry about glitches and possibly freezing my electronics up. Otherwise, I would use this app, no doubt!


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