Is It Time for Me to Move Out?


Recently, a few of my friends came to me asking me “Do you think its time for me to move?” I am 22 and I’m finally moving out because I feel like its time for me to experience life on my own. I feel like I’m ready to take this huge step. Some people move out when they are not ready and some do it too late, in my opinion. I believe the right time will come in your heart.

But, of course, I know some people need help realizing these signs to know when to move out. These signs are quite blunt and in your face, too. Let me just state that these are MY opinions, they are not FACTS.
Moving Out
So here are my top three reasons to help with the decision to move out:

Number One: You and your parents can not get along for ANYTHING!!!

Not the little, “I hate my mom!” and then you ask for something. No, you can’t stand them with a passion you don’t want to ask them for ANYTHING, you don’t want to go in the house, and even the scent of them bugs you. It’s when you’re tired of answering their questions, and you feel like you are trap with no freedom.
Then I think it’s time for you to move out.

Number two: Your age or you’re ready.

Yes, when you reach a certain age everyone needs to experience that “living on your own” vibe. I know it’s scary and that “OMG im growing up” feeling sets in but everyone needs to experience at least once. If you are ready to move, I would say take the leap because I in the same boat, and I feel like its going to be an awesome experience.

Number three: You have a kid.

Okay, some parents like to be grandparents and some don’t mind you living with them. But if you have more than three kids in your parents house and they are your live-in-babysitter, than its time for you to go. You have started your own family and you need your own place. Again, just an opinion, I know plenty of people who are the exceptions to them, but very few.

I know there are many more signs, but I feel like these are the top three! If you have any to share, please feel free to comment. I would love to hear
everyone’s opinion!

If there is anything you would like for me to discuss in a later post, please feel free to shoot me an email at!!!

Peace and Love,



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