Ytube Vid of the Week: The Weave Song

Welcome to JerkTV!

JerkTV, for all of those people out there who don’t know about it, is a production created by Fred Buhl, the host of this exciting show, under a company named FBProductions. FBProduction specializes in video production, photography and web design. Check out their website, here.

I saw this video on Facebook and decided to make it this week’s Ytube Vid of the Week. It’s funny how I saw this video right after I finished doing my hair. I’m so sorry to say that I’ve never experience an argument like this. Doc is #TeamNatural! That means I don’t wear weave. I never have. I’ve been blessed with some amazing hair.

Anyway, The Weave Song made my day. I hope it makes you laugh, too. Check out more of Freddy B’s videos on his YouTube channel, JerkTV.


One thought on “Ytube Vid of the Week: The Weave Song

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