Vacation with Me (Weekend Edition) You already saw her on her big trip to Florida for a week on our Instagram Mini Series. But are you ready to catch her on her trip to the beach? Doc is on her way to Ocean City. That’s right! See her as she spends the weekend on the beach and boardwalk. With a better and faster way than before, you will be able to see her on our new Tumblr Page (see below). It’s not a Instagram series this time but it’s a Tumblr Series for people to watch. August 17! Mark your calendars.
Vacation With Me
Fashion Forward We’re on a “People with Style” watch to see who has the best outfit in their closet. Is it you? In our fashion forward section, we’ll focus on showing you what the people of Baltimore are wearing. So we are looking at your Instagrams, Tumblr, TwitPic, or even how you look in person and highlighting your style for the viewers of Doc’s Castle Media to see. Do you think your outfit will make the cut? Fashion Forward is starting in August.

Doc’s Castle Universe Catch more on the go! We’ve hooked up a place where you can see Doc on the go. See what Doc’s Castle Media is doing, check out our fashion forward selects and runner ups, and send what you have to offer to Doc’s Castle Media. Do all of it on our new Tumblr Page!
Submit and Review Doc’s Castle Media is for growth of Baltimore Youth. We showcase the talent of Baltimore. But how are we suppose to know who you are if we never heard about you? Doc’s Castle Media has the solution. Submit your work for review and get a chance for Doc’s Castle Media publicity. Do you have a song or mixtape you want to share, do you think you have the style fit for Doc’s Castle Media’s Fashion Forward, or you have some other kind of talent you want to showcase? Submit your work with us! Doc’s Castle Media Submission and Review


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