Friend + Enemies = Frenemy

You know that friend (well, that so-called friend) that says he/she will always have your back but then they’re always telling you, you look a hot mess? Well, you, my dear friend, have a frenemy. A frenemy is a bully but is so jealous of you that they always have to be around you. They act like they want to see you doing good, but  they want you doing bad.

A frenemy can be a male or female. They will say they are your friend, but if they’re always looking for an opportunity to bring you down or talk about you, then they aren’t a friend at all. Frenemies are always jealous, always talking about you, and always smiling in your face, wanting to be around you when you have something good going on for yourself. They somehow always make you feel bad about yourself or the situation you’re in.
A frenemy can be a leach, as well, not to be confused with a mooch (a friend that eats everything, but with contribute sometimes). For example, if you having a party and you invite all your friends to come celebrate but your so-called friend trys to eat everything in the party and doesn’t want to contribute AT ALL, then you probably have a frienemy. Sometimes they won’t even come to events for you.

As for girls, a frenemy is vicious when it comes to boys. Your girlfriend will tell you they will help you out to get the guy that you want, sort of like your winggirl. But all along, she tells him very mean things about you, make you look bad, and then, at the end of all that, will probably date him for themselves. Please, if you believe you have a frenemy, do not tell her the guy you really like AT ALL! You should keep that between you and him anyway. Tell her about some other guy so she will be busy working on trying to be with him, while you are really talking to the one you like.

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