How Can I Get Comfortable Around New People

Ok, this was a suggestion from my Facebook page! How do you become comfortable around new people? Since I’m an extremely shy person, I will give you some tips about how I do it.  I have been shy all my life and since I am older, I can say my shyness isn’t as bad as it was but, believe me, it’s still there.  From walking up to a guy to get his number to asking direction to a totally stranger, I was shy all around.
Becoming comfortable around new people
In my opinion shyness steams off of self-esteem, but that’s not all of why you are shy. I know people who have high self-esteem and are very shy, and vice versa. But how can you overcome this and get comfortable around new people?  I have 3 main tips, and trust me, it has helped me a lot following these 3 tips! They are as follows:

1) Feel the new people you want to hang around out, meaning try to see if we have some things in common, because people are mostly judging someone before we even know the person. That may come off as not right to do.

2) Make your first two conversations light. If you start talking to them, you will feel more comfortable around them.  Don’t talk about big subjects like politics, sports, or sex because that is uncomfortable for a lot of people, and it starts a lot of arguments.

3) Once you found something that you both have in common, keep talking about that.  This is one of the best ways to keep the conversation going and it breaks the ice.  I have built friendships while using this tip. Elaborating more on this tip, if you both like lip gloss, talk about that and then bring in other makeup in your conversation. See if you both like it.  This can lead to you going out to your favorite make up store together.

I hope these tips help you because they have helped me a lot! If you have something you like for me to talk about, or a question you want me to answer send me an email at

Peace and Love,



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