How to Avoid Bullying

Bullying has been the topic in the news a lot recently, definitely from the movie Bully. The movie has been shining some light on the issue and what goes on in schools across the nation.

A question I’ve been getting lately is how to avoid getting bully. Now, let me be honest in this day of age. Bullying is very hard to avoid but the way you handle bullying is the trick that you must know!

Celebrities get bullied by the media everyday, and they still come on the stage and performed.  Bullying is not good in any matter but it seems to happen to everyone! So don’t think that you are alone.
Let me shine the light on myself for a moment since I’ve said it happens to everyone. One of my worst experiences with bullying happened in middle school.  I was very tall and awkward like most girls at that age, but in my family we have a problem with underarm odor. Since I was still learning about my body, I didn’t understand deodorant. Well, one day in my English class, this girl wanted to tease me about my odor and I was very upset.  With me being quiet, I didn’t say anything even though a few of my classmates were laughing.  Yes, I was embarrassed but I just let it roll off my back.  When class was over, I was packing my bags and the bully and her friend was sitting there; she decided to stand up and then spray me with air fresher.  I wanted to cry because this was very cruel. But I didn’t want to show that they got to me, so I just cried on the inside and went to my next class.

Now, this is the first time I’m telling this story. No one should have to go through this! Bullying is wrong, and the people who are thinking of bullying don’t do it! Bullying causes physical, emotional and psychological pain!

From me to you, to avoid bullying don’t try too hard to fit in. People can tell when people are trying too hard to fit in. When you find friends, don’t try to make too many of them. Again, this is trying too hard! Be yourself and don’t get pressured! Being yourself maybe hard because you are trying to make friends. But when people see that you may be weak, they will use that against you. Take pride in yourself and use that to get people to like you.  One thing that many people have told me is that I’m a geek. What I say to them is “Yes, I’m a geek, but I’ll get good grades and pass these classes while you are still here.”  With that being said, have a sharp tongue, but ONLY when you need to use it.  I can go on and on with some of the tips I have learned over the years, but these few should help you get by!

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Peace and Love,


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