Ytube Vid of the Week: Read a Book (Clean)

I cannot explain to you all how much I want to throw a book at people. No one reads anymore! People ask me for information about being apart of Doc’s Castle Media all the time. The problem is when I give the information to people, they don’t read what I give them. Then they email me back asking me questions that was obviously provided in the packet I gave them. It gets sad when I have to make my blogger’s packet for Doc’s Castle Media shorter because people don’t read.

Read a Book

So with a passion, I must tell my readers (because I know you guys read) to tell a friend to please read a book! While you’re doing that, listen to this song, laugh and think about it because as much as it is funny, it’s true. I pray that the younger generations strengthen their minds by reading. Everyone enjoy the Ytube Vid of this Week.

If you would like to hear the other version (the dirty version), click here. I didn’t post that because it’s just too much for my blog lol.


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