How Willow Smith Gets Her Edgy Style

People spend their time trying to pick the perfect style for themselves. The take styles from other people by following trends, create their own style, or sometimes they don’t even put thought into their wardrobe and just throw something on that looks right for them. So what does Willow Smith do? (Click the photo below to watch the Yo Show interview with Willow Smith.)
Willow Smith's Edgy Style

Willow creates her edgy style from the type of music she listens to. As opposed to when she was smaller just picking the first thing she saw in her closet, now she rocks off her style with a hip song. Music is indeed her fashion motivation. As for her hair, she looks to her dog. Her hair is determined by her dog’s current hair color because she often dyes her dog’s hair.

Willow dreams of a world where society doesn’t determine your style. People must be themselves and comfortable with being themselves. Growing up has taught her to just continue being herself. Style comes along with it. People are critical of style when they see something they don’t like. Willow yearns to do what she wants and be what she wants to be. That contributes to her style.

Do you like Willow Smiths edgy style? Comment below.


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