App of the Week: AirPush Detector

So you need an app to get rid of those pop-ups that come on your phone from out of nowhere.
AirPush Detector App

What does this App Do?

Google Play Store states:

“This is a simple Android application which detects other installed applications which appear to use known notification ad frameworks and offers the user the ability to easily uninstall them.

Currently detected frameworks include: – Airpush – LeadBolt – Appenda – IAC – Moolah Media

THIS APP DOES NOT *BLOCK* THESE ADS. It only tells you whih applications are causing them. You must uninstall the applications this app identifies to stop the ads.

THERE IS NO OFFICIAL PAID OR “PRO” VERSION OF THIS APP. If you find an app with a similar name, description, and screenshots, odds are strong they have simply taken the source code and republished it as their own without any significant changes.

If you experience crashes, using Android’s “Report” feature is likely to get it fixed. Leaving comments without any useful information is not 🙂

This app is open source – see the development page for full source code.”

Where can I find this App?

Google Play Store

How much does this App cost?


Would I use this app?

I have the app on my phone and it works very good. If you get tired of those pop-ups that constantly come in your notifications about buying something that you don’t know a thing about, you need to get an AirPush Detector. There are plenty of apps that have the ability to keep these notifications from your phone. You have to find the right one for you.


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