Do I Really Need Help? (First day of School Shooting)

Ok, in today’s news in Baltimore, Maryland, there has been a shooting at Perry Hall High School.  Reporters are still developing the story, but in the last year (2011-2012), there has been many counts of school shootings and stabbings in the city and counties of Baltimore.
Baltimore's First Day of School Shooting
Why is this happening? From a psychology student I say this, “it’s too many students and not enough time for each individual student.”  In my opinion, from all the test schools give the damn students, there should be a test for their well-being. Enough of me fussing. These students need someone to talk to. They need to find ways of getting their anger out instead of trying to take someone else out!

I’m happy to say that you are talking to a student in college that suffers from depression. I know it’s hard to live life at times, but there are outlets you can use to help you!  Today, I’m here to give you two main tools I use that helps me out a lot!  I hope someone reads this before they do something major that they’ll regret!

  • Write in a journal (it can be online). So many websites say this but they don’t tell you how to start a journal for yourself.  Here is how, write if you are feeling, whether it be happy, sad, depressed, suicidal, or any other emotions.  Let’s use sad as an example, you should write down why you are sad, “I’m sad because…” Then write what would make you feel better. If it is something you can do to change how you feel, do it! But if you feel like you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255); this is a suicide help line, and they are 24/7! They’ll talk you through anything.
  • Get a therapist. In college, it is easier to get one because most of the time they are on the campus for your use. It’s one of the services that you’ve paid for in your tuition. But even in middle and high school you may find a councilor for cheap, or even free, here is one website where you may receive therapy: . Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, there are so many people who need one-on-one time. Even if it is once or twice that you speak to a therapist, I’m sure you will feel better about any decisions you are making with their guidance!

School and dealing with people everyday is hard enough. But throw in a mental problem and I’m sure you will have people blowing so much steam it’s not even funny.  Using my two main steps should be able to help anyone no matter the age, first because they are both private, and secondly, you are releasing the tension and stress that’s being built up! We all as people need to release tension and stress, but we have to find the right outlets to do it!

If you have a question or topic you would like for me to address, send it to

Peace and Love,



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