Summer’s Over! Back to School (Update)

School’s back in session and we have to attend to all of our studies. It’s not too sad. Some of us are graduating this year! Yay to all the seniors! Make Doc’s Castle Media proud.

This posting is simply an update for Doc’s Castle Media. I, Doc, am a Communication major. So you guys are in luck because this entire semester will be geared to improving Doc’s Castle Media. Some of my work can be used to promote this blog site. It’s great, right!?

I’m taking five course this semester. To name them all, I’m taking web design, print design, an editing and publishing class, building your own brand, and a random English class. All of these courses were chosen by me to help tailor Doc’s Castle Media. So lookout for some new stuff coming your way.
I will be posting some work for portfolio viewing on Doc’s Castle Media. To any of you communication majors out there, by all means, look over my work and take note. Doc’s Castle Media isn’t just for entertainment, but it’s also here for you to learn. I don’t mind being your example for if you’re looking into doing communications. Just don’t take my stuff because I will find out about it and pursue you like you killed my grandmother.

Also, a few of the weekly blogs will be taken from Doc’s Castle Media due to lack of availability to post those blogs. Sorry guys. School and work will be a bother. But I have not forgotten about you. I’m sure that once I get into the swing of things, you will have more blogs to read. Don’t forget that I’m also open for suggestions and guest bloggers are always welcomed.

Thanks for the support guys! You’re motivating me to keep writing for you all. We feel the love and appreciate it dearly.


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