Sorry, I’ve been busy!

So guys, I haven’t been able to get too much new content onto the blog site for you all to check out and I’m sorry about that. But school,with the addition of my life, has definitely been hectic. I’m trying to get into the swing of things and create a balance between school, my internship, work, and my personal life. So bare with me. I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve actually been thinking about nothing but Doc’s Castle Media and way to improve it.

Doc’s Castle Media will have so many possibilities once I get rolling, y’all will love what you’ll see. Look for a new website, logo, and other great opportunities within the company because school is teaching me so much that can be used to improve Doc’s Castle Media.
I’ve spoken to Vonni who does the advice section that you all like to read, she’s looking to start vlogs for you all. K. A. Walker will be submitting the last chapter to Hide and I’ll Seek soon. You can finally see what happens to Roxy and Aston. As for me, I’ll still be thinking of new ways of getting you all involved  with what’s going on. I take suggestions if you think you have ideas suitable for our site!

Other than all of those things, the DCM staff has been basically focusing on school. So please don’t give up on us. We are still trying to fit y’all into our crazy schedules because working with Doc’s Castle Media is actually something that we enjoy. It’s not work at all. I actually love this. So if you want to hop onto what Doc’s Castle Media is doing, you might as well join in with the fun, too. Just check out the contact us section and you got us!


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