Asking him to Homecoming

*One of Doc’s assignment from school. Take a look*

How to ask him to the homecoming dance

So you’ve spotted a hottie in the school’s cafeteria and you can’t stop drooling over those cute dimples and golden blond hair. He’s the hottest thing you’ve seen thus far. No wonder you want to walk over to him and show him what you’ve got. Problem is, you’re shy about how to come within reach of him. Does he even notice you in the same manner that you see him, or is his head still in the clouds? You’re unsure of where he stands with you and if he notices you like you notice him as he flips his hair every time he gets nerves answering difficult algebra questions in your college prep class. Your pondering over how he feels is turning you into a worrying freak and all you want to know is if he’s into you enough to say yes to attend this falls homecoming dance with you. Well, here’s your guide to switching up the roles. Stop waiting for him to approach you. Take matters into your own hands and approach him with the honor of going to the dance with you. Get your handy notebook and jot down these simple steps on how to ask your crush to your school’s homecoming dance.

Step One: Make him the Chaser

How can you ask your crush to the dance if he doesn’t know who you are? Can you say awkward? You want to make your name is known by him and his friend: not in a negative notation, though. To get him to notice you, you start talking to people he knows that you are friends with, as well. He’ll notice you coming around more often. Who knows, maybe he may even ask about you when you aren’t around

Step Two: Look for more direct conversations opportunities with him.

You want to make a more personal connection with your crush. Too much talking through your friends may come off as a huge problem. Words my get twisted around and changed if you’re going back-n-forth through friends. That’s where he say/she say slurring begins so to around drama, start getting to know him yourself by getting to know him and texting him every once and awhile. It shows that you want something more than just being an acquaintance. You see him. You want him to know that.

Step Three: Pay attention to the “Maybe” signals.

When your crush notices you and takes interest in the conversations you have with him, he’s displaying “maybe” signals. There might be something more there. Take notes of how he reacts when you bring up topics, such as relationships and dating. If he likes talking to you about those subjects, he could be giving you a green light that he likes you.

Step Four: Bring out the homecoming promise ring.

He’s been asking about you to your mutual friends, getting to know you personally while texting you, and flashing his maybe lights at you every time you guys talk about why you think Beyonce and Jay-z make the perfect couple. What are you waiting for? There’s nothing left but to ask him to the dance. Ask him in person to see if he’s genuine about his reply. Be cool about how you approach him. You don’t want to make it awkward before you get the chance to dance with him. You should always keep you guy’s friendly vibe.

You’re a super woman now, invincible to the fear of asking anyone on a date. No one can stop you. You’re happy and he’s yours to rock on your arm to your favorite song on the dance floor and who get all the credit for it? You! Party it up for your school and your accomplishments. You’ve just started off the year with a win; even if your school team ending in a lose, it won’t get you down. Party your night away until your clock reaches 12.


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