Meet Shareese Williams!

A go-getter ready to demolish all those who blocking her from reaching her dreams, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you our newest member of the Doc’s Castle Media team, Shareese Williams!

Where do we begin? Shareese is a college student of the University of Baltimore studying in the major psychology. She plans to be a successful lawyer someday, and there should be no doubt that she’ll gets there because she’s an all A’s & B’s type of gal. But that’s talking about her primary passion. Shareese is her with us to pursue her second passion in Beauty. She’s here to give us a little insight with some tips for the ladies and the fellas out there. So let us beautify ourselves! *side note: we don’t want the men to feel left out so we’re giving some tips for you too, just nothing feminine, of course.* I like Doc’s Castle Media to tend to everyone.

Shareese knows quite a bit about this trade and she’ll be a great addition to Doc’s Castle Media. Take it from me, I see this girl trying different make-up and hairstyles all the time. Just look at her Facebook if you ever get the chance. Sheesh! She’ll provide just the right tips that are age group appropriate for you. From how to style your hair up for the night out on the town to what’s the right scent to wear around your girl, Shareese will have the scoop. So make sure you tune in every other Friday to catch a beauty post by Shareese on Doc’s Castle Media.


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