Share Your Creative Juices!

Lots of people ask me if they can get a feature on Doc’s Castle Media. I’m going to tell you “sureeeee!!” I’m starting a Creative Juices section for DCM. This is your opportunity to send me what you have and we will post your talent on our blog site. Now you’ll be able to tell your friends and family you’re publish somewhere and can easily show them where your work is displayed!

Creative Juices

We’re showcasing those who are into any creative writing, as far as poetry and short stories, photography, and more. We also will be posting videos, if any of you are into the YouTube thing, too. I like hearing and seeing new things, and I want to help support you. So send us your stuff. But first here are the rules:

1.) The material has to be your own work. We will not post stolen work. That means if I can Google and see it 30 different times in the search engine, it IS NOT yours.

2.) Work must be appropriate. Doc’s Castle Media will not support anything derogatory; meaning if you’d get banned from a social site for what you have, don’t come to DCM thinking we will accept it. We won’t.

3.) When sending in you work, please explain what your work is. How will we be able to share it if we can’t explain to our readers what you want to share?

4.) Provide a small biography of yourself. We want others to know who created the masterpiece. If you want credit for the work, give us one paragraph explaining who you are. You don’t want others to take the credit do you?

So what are you waiting for? Let’s be creative! Send us Stuff!

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